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Vostok-2018: Chinese, Russian troops take part in joint military excercise

Russian defence ministry showed on Friday paratrooper drills, naval exercises in the northern Bering Sea and missile launches in Buryatia region as part of the large-scale war-games. Photograph: (Reuters)

Reuters Siberia, Russia Sep 14, 2018, 11.06 PM (IST)

Russian and Chinese troops took part in joint drills as part of "Vostok-2018" wargames being conducted in eastern Siberia close to the border with China.

Both countries conducted naval exercises in the northern Bering sea and missile launches in Buryatia region as part of the large scale war-games.

300,000 Russian troops took part in the joint military exercise involving over a thousand military aircraft as well as up to 36,000 tanks. Twenty-four helicopters of the Chinese army participated in the Russian Vostok-2018 drills. 

China's senior colonel Li Xincheng said: "The three-dimensional attacking and synchronizing system is an obvious feature. It is different from the drills we participated in, in which air forces seldom adopt coordinated attacks. Thus we have less experience."

Li said this dangerous but efficient attacking system is not commonly seen in China's domestic drills. But the Russian troops, who have been fighting the war in Syria, are used to it.

"We held the attitude to learn from the Russian army. Almost all the Russian helicopter pilots in this drill have participated in the Syria Conflict. And their equipment has been tested and modified on a real battle field," said Li.

"We can learn from their experience in modern combats, such as how to fight against international terrorists," said Li Shuyin, researcher of PLA Academy of Social Sciences.

Experts say Vostok-2018 is a new pattern for the military cooperation for the Chinese and Russian armies. There will be more cooperation in the future.

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